3 Easiest Ways To Make Money Blogging

Go Back Through Your Old Content

If you wrote any blog posts before you were an affiliate, go back through them. Read your old posts and look for opportunities to update them with your affiliate links.

Perhaps you need to add another paragraph to tie it in. Or add another section to the post.

It’s worth taking the time to do, especially on your top-performing posts. Find out which posts are bringing you the most traffic and monetize them.

You really can earn money promoting other people’s products. It’s a monetization strategy you can start quickly. And it makes a great first step in monetizing your blog.

You can do this. And the feeling when that first deposit makes its way into your account is amazing.

monetization 3 Easiest Ways To Make Money BloggingAction Steps

  1. Decide whether you want to use affiliate links to monetize your blog or not.
  2. Pick 5 to 10 companies to become an affiliate for, and research their affiliate programs (you can add more over time, but this is a good number to start with).
  3. Apply to become an affiliate for these companies.
  4. Make sure your blog has a disclosure page
  5. Weave an affiliate link into your next blog post.
  6. Create a social media update about an affiliate product and include the link (remember to disclose).
  7. Go back through your old content and look for ways to include affiliate links.

Monetized Through Products

The final most popular and high paying way that you can monetize your blog is through creating some form of products or services for your clients. The popular products and services are typically an evergreen course, a PDF, an eBook, and other things that can be placed on the site. These are typically based specifically on your expertise and are designed to add “more value” than your blog itself. That way, if people like what they read, they can purchase more and learn more. As a result, you get paid.

When You Can Start Selling Your Own Products

Technically, you can start creating and selling your own products right away. However, you will likely notice that you don’t make a significant return right away. Until your audience begins to grow, you may not make too many sales in the beginning. That is okay, however. Remain dedicated and continue creating. The more you get to know your audience, the more you can tailor your products to serve their needs.

Some blogs begin selling basic content, such as eBooks or pre-recorded specialized webinars right away. As a result, they can make a fairly decent income really close to the time they launch their blog. If you want to do your best to start monetizing instantly, you can begin creating and selling smaller products such as this. This will help you make more money sooner, as well as gain further analytics on your audience and what they are interested in.

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