4 Best Ways to Make Money Blogging For Beginners

Online courses

These are digital products that allow for a healthy profit. When you design an online course, creating one is the same as selling one, in the sense that you

invest once and automate it for selling.

You can create online courses to be delivered in deliverable files or using a video format. The lessons/modules are delivered via email with an automation platform. You can choose one from the platforms mentioned.

Online courses represent a passive income with good potential. You can create an online course about any of the topics you deal with on your blog. The course should be attractive, solve a problem and represent a benefit for your ideal readers.

You can adjust the cost of your course to the purchasing power of your audience but take into account that people are more willing to spend a higher amount of money on courses than on eBooks.

People pay up to USD30 for a book but are willing to pay between USD 50 and USD200 for a course, depending on its level.

What you need to sell your online course is:

  • An audience who trusts you.
  • Understand your audience to know what to offer to them.
  • Marketing skills to position your course
  • Automation tools

The good news is that if you manage to create an effective course and present it to your emailing contacts the right way, you’ll get a satisfactory income.

As this is one of the most efficient ways to monetize, I’ll show you the “road” to create one:

  • Pick a subject matter.
  • Analyze other courses that are similar to the one that you intend to create.
  • Create a technical file to present your course.

Such a file is created under the following guidelines:

Pick an attractive title. Go back to the principles that I shared in chapter 2 about creating attractive titles for blog posts.

Then, describe the content of your course in two paragraphs. Being brief is important here as readers need a wide picture of the course; it must be enough information to motivate them to buy it.

Next, you have to determine who your course is addressed to. Within your market niche, there will surely be one type of reader that is more likely to buy your course. Narrow down your audience and clarify on your file who this course is for. This will allow readers to determine whether they have the same features as the intended audience for your course.

It’s also important to have a table of contents; an outline showing how the course is structured and what topics will be covered. This will create more specific expectations.

The next step is to define a date for your course. It’s true that your course will be automated, but if you want it to be more effective and get meaningful conversion rates, then you need to build some expectation by launching an email marketing campaign that specifies the time and date of the course.

It’s also important to define a methodology for the course; how the classes will be delivered or sent to the buyers. A clear methodology on your file will help them understand if the course dynamics are right for them; they’ll feel motivated to buy if the methodology is clear and suit their needs. For example, you can establish that since it’s an online course, they can access it at any time and from any location.

Next step, if you’re delivering the course, then you need to explain why you’re qualified to do it and specify your credentials.

Lastly, the costs and payment methods must be absolutely clear.

4 best ways to make money blogging for beginners 4 Best Ways to Make Money Blogging For BeginnersExclusive areas on your blog (Memberships)

Memberships are another effective way to monetize. They consist of protecting or hiding certain areas or posts of your blog where you can offer exclusive content with higher-than-ordinary value. You can offer a monthly subscription for this exclusive area as well. This is a good strategy if you have proved to your audience just how valuable your posts are. Only then will they be willing to pay to know what exclusive content you have developed for them.

For your membership area to be effective, communicate the benefits of being a member of your blog with your audience via email marketing. You need to tell them what they’ll find in the exclusive area and what they’ll accomplish with the knowledge that they acquire through it.

This is a common strategy among digital newspapers, and also among blogs. So, don’t stay behind and create your exclusive membership area for paying subscribers.

By offering this option, you’ll be securing a strong monthly income.

Group or one-on-one coaching

Coaching is a trendy service. This is because users are aware of the need for knowledge in their specific areas. So, they are willing to pay qualified mentors for consulting.

The idea behind this service is to offer help in very specific areas, to lead them from where they are to where they want and should be.

Users hire the services of a coach to receive a clearer step by step guidance. You can segment your coaching program and offer different packages: VIP, semi-VIP or general.

You can also sell sessions, defining them as 90-minute coaching sessions, for example.

These sessions can be held in groups, work teams might be interested in these. Or you can sell one on one sessions which are a more personalized version.

Coaching doesn’t necessarily have to be offline; it can be online and virtual so that your users can choose the most comfortable time for them and follow your coaching session from wherever they are.

This is a good option, but I recommend to start with one on one coaching. As you gather more experience, you can move on to the group sessions.

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