Displaying Ads in your Blog’s Feed

Displaying Ads in your Blog’s Feed

There are many companies will pay you to channel traffic to their site at a fee. A good example is Google’s AdSense. You will need to sign up for an account with them and give your full details including payment ones. On your WordPress website, assuming you are using WordPress, click on the WordPress widget, then click on appearance, then select widgets, pick custom HTML and drag it to the best location on your site then drop it there. Remember to paste the Google AdSense code. From this point, you will be golden, waiting for advertising money to reflect in your bank account.

With Google AdSense, you do not have to worry about finding individual advertisers yourself. Although you will have to part with half of the ad revenue due to Google AdSense pay model. This is simply because you did not broker your own deal with the advertiser, but Google did. Google acts as a middle man and brings advertisers to your site for a cut of the fee. This brings us to our last option for now. Read on.

3 Displaying Ads in your Blog’s FeedSelling Ad Space Directly

You can have such a great blog that advertisers will be either be approaching you directly to feature ads on your site or responding when you reach out to them about a deal. So, you will find yourself booking sales meetings with potential clients to sell them advertising space. Whether you go fetching for them or they come, the bottom line is you have advertising space up for grabs. Here, you make a lot of money and you pocket it all.

Apart from writing great content, selling as space should be another priority. It pays well. Have fun selling it. Just note somewhere, you will have the added job of finding and brokering deals with clients, along with managing and creating for your huge visitor traffic to your blog or site. Let traffic building motivate you to increase the worth of your advertising space. Again, just like other forms of advertising, make sure you are choosing relevant and helpful companies to partner with.

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