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Blogging is one of the best ways to build an online presence that can be monetized. If you haven’t noticed by now, a blog is crucial to maximizing profits across almost every method of creating passive income. Whether it’s a way to share your affiliate links, or a place to promote your online course and grow your email list, a well-design blog is a huge asset to any online business. Maintaining a blog does have the potential to be time consuming, but you can outsource almost every aspect of the process to freelancers, from choosing a name and building a website to creating the blog’s content. Your blog is a great place to connect with your audience by offering them valuable information for free and establishing yourself as an expert within your niche.

When you’re creating content, it needs to be informative, entertaining, and real. Your blog may be centered around sharing valuable information, but it shouldn’t read like a boring lecture. Be personable and write the same way you’d speak in a conversation (or have your freelancer write that way) so your readers feel more deeply connected to your content. These kinds of posts are more likely to inspire readers to share them on social media or send them to their friends.

Share perspectives on recent events or trends within your niche, studies that are relevant to your subject matter, “Top 10” style lists, and how-to guides. You can, and certainly should also incorporate the products you sell, paid promotions, affiliate links, etc., but you want to come across as though you’re sharing a product with a friend- something that will benefit their lives, and not like you’re a salesperson trying to turn a profit. The large amount of valuable free information you provide will make your readers more likely to want to buy you products when you do share them.

Building this type of relationship with your audience allows them to appreciate the value you bring to their lives and trust your suggestions. You should also be sure to always inform your audience if you stand to profit from any actions they take on your website, whether it be clicking on ads or buying products from a link. Again, the more your audience trusts you, the more loyal a customer base you’ll have.

how to make money blogging free guide for blogging How to Make Money Blogging Free Guide for BloggingIntroduction

A blog is not really an article… now and then there is a distinction. A blog is a discussion amongst you and the peruser; it is more personal, yet it ought to be educational, moreover. An article is a snippet of data. It is composed by a proficient person who is viewed as a specialist by what he or she posts.

In any case, there is a parallel amongst blogs and articles… actually they can be a similar thing.

Most entrepreneurs will post to their blog and exclude personal data since they are utilizing the blog to improve their business as opposed to utilizing it to associate with their loved ones. The fortunate thing about educational writing done by somebody who is a specialist on the content is that individuals will tune in (simply ensure regardless you endeavor to be utilize a personable voice to identify with your group of onlookers).

It is another marketing instrument to compose articles from a specialist position which can be presented on a couple of chose article registries. Try not to present your article on each place you can on the Internet. Ensure the indexes are legitimate and just post to 5-10 catalogs.

A couple of the catalogs I exceedingly prescribe are EzineArticles, GoArticles, Biznik. Notwithstanding perusers finding your articles on these catalogs, the articles from these locales likewise appear in seeks (on Google, Yahoo, and so forth.) when somebody is searching for your aptitude.

Article marketing is another approach to get your blog out there (as the locales require a bio) and show individuals what you bring to the table.

Social Media Marketing

Presenting a message on various social media systems is as straightforward as entering the message into the fitting window. Nevertheless, there could at present be an issue. Imagine a scenario where you don’t post all the time. Are individuals going to hear you out/perused your blog when they have no clue your identity? The appropriate response, obviously, is no. You need to make a nearness on the social media locales, build up a group that trusts and tails you. You require some online companions and supporters.

This is done essentially by posting a couple of times each day (the measure of posts relies upon which social media organize you are presenting on) with things of intrigue. By doing this you will assemble a following and individuals will anticipate your messages. They may likewise visit your site to take in more about you and your business.

Tip: Even however you can utilize HootSuite to plan these posts for the week, I would at present recommend you visit the social media systems you are more required with every day and physically post data and connect with others. In case you don’t, your associations will see that you are not so much systems administration with them and simply advancing your business (regardless of the possibility that the week after week posts are special).

Video and Podcast

Your blog content can be extended significantly further. Recordings and podcasts can be added to your blog as marketing devices. The group of onlookers becomes more acquainted with you better and has a superior comprehension of your advertising. At one time, I would not have even recorded these as a basic blog marketing procedures, yet in the present online world, they have both turned into a central point (particularly recordings).

Video Marketing. Notwithstanding presenting a video on your blog, you can circulate it to video catalogs.

YouTube is a standout amongst the most prevalent destinations on the web today and it has been for various years. Anybody can post a video, about anything, and put it on this virtual board. This can profit you if an individual is hunting down recordings in your subject matter or if companions need to perceive what you bring to the table.

Podcasts. Podcasts take somewhat more association, yet they can likewise be an incredible marketing apparatus. It is fundamentally an internet radio program that you have or are a visitor of. Making the podcast is as straightforward as purchasing a mouthpiece and the product required. A few people go greater and rally up their creation esteem, yet you can keep it basic.

When you make your podcast, you can transfer it to a plugin on your site and it will be consequently circulated to iTunes.

There are numerous systems that can be added to your blog marketing design, however this will give you a decent begin. When you begin a blog for your private company, ensure you spread the news about what you have composed. Advance your new blog post in social media, bookmark your post (or host a third get-together do it), present the content to fitting article catalogs, present the content to suitable article registries and genuinely consider making a video and additionally podcast from that blog post content. In case you do the greater part of this, you will be end route to an effective blog!

Blogging as an Employee

If you are an employee and one of your job responsibilities is to write blogs for the company, every blog post you write for the company is a work made for hire. Your employer owns the copyright to all the content of your work blogs, not you. You may not put any blogs in your portfolio to seek other work without your employer’s permission. Doing so would infringe on your employer’s exclusive rights to decide where its blogs will be reproduced and displayed.

Your employer only obtains the copyright to the exact verbiage you create for the company. You may write about the same topics in your personal blog or for your portfolio, unless your work contract prohibits this. You just can’t copy what you specifically created for your employer without their permission.

If you have a Twitter handle or accounts on other social media sites that you use to promote the company and its blog, there may be a legal question regarding who owns the accounts and whether you retain the rights to your accounts and your followers when you leave the company. These are issuing you and your employer should resolve in writing before you create these accounts.

Independent Contractors

If you are a freelance blogger, companies hire you to write blogs on their behalf. Unlike people who blog as company employees, the company that hires you may not automatically own the copyright to the blog posts you create for them. The company will own the blog content you create for them if you have a written agreement that is signed before you begin the work, if the contract states that your posts are works made for hire, and if your blog posts qualify as “commissioned works”. According to the Copyright Act, a commissioned work made for hire must fit into one of the following nine categories:

  1. A contribution to a collective work,
  2. Part of a motion picture or other audiovisual work,
  3. A translation,
  4. A supplementary work to a publication (i.e. forward, afterword, illustration, map, chart, table, musical arrangement, bibliography, appendixes, editorial notes),
  5. A compilation,
  6. An instructional text,
  7. A test,
  8. Answer materials for a test, or
  9. An atlas.

The law regarding works made for hire was obviously created for copyrightable projects that have multiple contributors, like books and movies. There is a viable argument that blogs created by freelance writers are part of a collective work or a compilation.

If you blog as an independent contractor and you don’t have a contract that was signed before you started blogging stating that your posts are works made for hire, you likely own the copyright to the content you create. The company that hired you does not own it; it just has permission to publish it on their website. If you find yourself in this situation, you own all the exclusive copyright rights regarding the reproduction, distribution, and display of your posts, and the right to make derivative works based on your content. You can register your copyright with the Copyright Office. If the company wants to use your posts in other ways, it needs your permission to do so. If the company wants to own the copyright to your work, you can make them buy it from you.

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