How to Make Money Blogging Online

Physical products

If you have the ability to create things with your hands, then you may want to sell them on your blog as well! If you have a website where all of the products that you have to offer can be seen, place that on your blog so that people are able to go to your website and see what it is that you have. There are websites such as Etsy that allow for you to sell your products to people without having to be fearful of if you are going to get the money because you are going to get the money before you ever send the product out.

However, with physical product, you are going to want to be careful about what you are putting on your blog. If your product is for those who are 18 years old or older, then you are going to want to hide the link to the website because you do not want anyone who is not supposed to have the product get their hands on it.

Also, keep in mind that what is legal in your state may not be legal in another. So, before you ship any products out, you need to ensure that you are not shipping them to a state where it is illegal to have that product.

%name How to Make Money Blogging OnlineBegging

No one likes begging, but no one likes someone who is being sneaky either, so be upfront about wanting to earn money with your blog. But, be polite when you are asking. The people that actually value what you are writing about are going to be more willing to show their support in order to help you keep going and be successful.

  • PayPal: It offers a button that you can put on your blog that is going to allow your readers to give you donations.
  • Amazon Honor System: This is similar to PayPal’s donation button, but it is through Amazon.
  • Patreon: With this, you are going to be using a platform that is based on crowd funding. By using Patreon, you can get donations for your posts on a regular basis or per post if you prefer. Using Patreon, you are going to be able to get monthly donations as well as set a monthly goal.
  • Tangible objects: Some readers want to give gifts that they made to their favorite people. For people to be able to do this, set up a PO Box that is dedicated to letters and anything else that people may want to send you.


For more specialized advertising, RSS is going to allow bloggers to monetize their feeds. But, remember that readers do not want to see their favorite blog overtaken by ads, regular or RSS. So, be sure to limit the amount of RSS ads that are on your blog.

  • Pheedo Inc: This RSS platform offers an interactive trigger as well as video options.
  • Feedvertising: This is part of text link ads that will be embedded in the RSS feed.
  • CrispAds: This platform is going to focus the ad network so that you are able to place the ads into entries that are going to show up on your site as well as the feeds.
  • FeedBurner Inc: The ads are going to be embedded in the RSS feed while featuring high-quality advertisers such as Best Buy.
  • FeddM8: Your blog is going to be mobile ready while having the relevant mobile advertising embedded.

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