How to make money from blogging


Adding a blog to your operations is a great way to help add a lot of content to your website, host product reviews, and engage with your demographic. Blogging is an excellent place to utilize SEO, and it gives customers a personality behind the company if done well. The approach you take to blogging can vary. Some will post several times a week, some post only once a week, but the key here is consistency. It makes sense to have a publishing schedule, or it is all too easy to not publish anything at all.

Establishing a blog within your niche that is an authority on related topics is a great way to draw people into your website and thus into your store. It gives you a chance to offer people value even before you ask them to buy anything directly, and it allows you introduce yourself into the community. For a niche that you’re not truly familiar with, or if you’re a shoddy writer, or if you simply can’t make the time, you can always hire a contractor to help write your blog posts. My advice here is to find one that provides an intermediate price for great writing and has some personality that can be interjecting into all the posts. If not using a single writer, then the ideal situation is having a single editor instead, but a very good blogger for hire may not even require much editing, so it’s worth paying a little more to avoid low quality content.

how to make money from blogging How to make money from bloggingSocial Media

Social media is almost a requirement for businesses these days, and you would be foolish as a niche store owner not to utilize social media in some manners. The ideal situation is that you will be able to integrate into the online community for your target audiences, either by joining it or working to create a place for them. Creating a place for them, such as a Facebook group, may be the better option, especially if you’re great at engaging people over the internet.

Not only does this help you gain some insight into your demographic and feedback on your business, but it also helps establish you as someone that cares within the community, should that apply. This can be a lot of work, but slow and steady is the secret to making it function largely on its own. Like other platforms, you can always hire a contractor to help with this.

At the end of the day, you have to remember that content is king. You cannot simply spam and make snarky comments and expect too much in return. You need to help to provide value first and foremost, and then you can promote your business.

Email List

Having a mailing list helps to send out messages to customers that were willing to sign up for a mailing list, and it has long been touted as one of the most popular ways to gain and keep an audience online. You can promote your mailing list on your blog, on your store page, and of course on social media. The easiest way to gain mailing list subscribers is to offer them some type of value. This can be a coupon code, a free eBook, exclusive deals and content, etc.

Handling your mailing list is best done through services like ConstantContact or , which are not going to be free, but are much more powerful than attempting to copy and paste a ton of email addresses into your Gmail account.

Product Reviews

Product reviews can make or break a sale. Allowing these on your ecommerce store and making sure to stock great products is a key way to encourage customers to help do the selling for you. Just remember that it is not savory to pay for fake reviews.

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