How to Make Money Podcasting


You can make money if you include a podcast session on your blog. A podcast is an audio file distributed through RSS distribution system and whoever wants to have access to the podcasts, must subscribe.

There are very good subscription programs like SoundCloud or iTunes, which allow you to download audio files to better enjoy them. But you don’t need to limit yourselves to audio as you can create videos as well.

As I said, podcasts are a very effective monetization option nowadays. You can even get a sponsor and thus make an income through that sponsor and through the sales of your podcasts on your blog.

There are podcasters who make a living through that system. All you have to do is start. Remember that if you already have an audience that trusts you, then you’ll make significant sales off your podcast by offering exclusive benefits.

There are some other services worth considering like conferences and workshops, consulting via Skype or email, group Webinars (online seminars). Since you have an immense world of monetization options in your hands, you should grab each opportunity with zeal. Don’t let anything come between you and your monetization dream!

I’d like to congratulate you on having completed all the necessary steps for monetization. Keep learning, for digital marketing and monetization through virtual media is a multi-faceted subject. I’m willing to share with you all that I know about it in the future. So, stay tuned to my channels and my networks because I won’t rest until I can actually help you monetize.

Save this eBook, keep it at hand because you will have to go back to it many times until you know each step by heart.

Your blog is a goldmine. Now that we have reached the end of this eBook, I’m sure you know I’m not exaggerating one bit when I say that.

how to make money podcasting How to Make Money PodcastingYou have endless ways of generating money if you follow the right principles. Now more than ever, there’s an exponentially larger number of bloggers who join the exclusive club of effective monetizers every day.

In this eBook, I have outlined the road to reach the monetization goal, a safe road that will help you reach the desired destination. Just remember that it all depends on your willingness to follow each and every step that I’ve outlined.

Monetization is most certainly possible. You can make a living out of your online enterprise; your blog. So, start working on the aspects that I’ve described.

I know many of the principles that you have found here might be in direct contradiction with a lot of your preconceived ideas about blogging, but trust me: put my ideas to the test and let me know how they worked.

As I said in the beginning, everything is based on my own experience, so I can promise you that you’ll get good results if you follow the steps as I did.

Right now, you’re probably wondering, “Russell, that’s all very nice, but how long will it actually take me to monetize?”

I have the answer: “That’s up to you.”

I’ll give you a tip, however: the bloggers who manage to monetize quickly take between four and six months to make a profit. The slower ones can take a year or more.

It’s your call. You decide if you devote time to your blog and work regularly to get conversions or if you work on your blog when you have nothing better to do.

I’m not saying you should quit your job or stop living and glue yourself to your blog. It could be great for you if you did that, but let me tell you that if you work with dedication, there will eventually come a time when you’ll be able to be a full-time blogger and digital producer without having the need for a job elsewhere.

Remember that you need a paid blog hosting; forget about free versions, that’s the first step towards commitment. Your blog must be optimized to target your ideal readers, so stick to your segmentation for every strategy and content creation session.

Make sure your blog is well positioned, your content is rich and that you are driving traffic to your blog. The most important thing: acquire your reader’s data to create your mailing list and come up with an email marketing strategy.

Forget about magical formulas. You need to have the right mindset, and that’s what I’ll talk about in the following lines.

To succeed in the blog monetization business, you need the right mindset and see your blog as what it is: a goldmine.

You have a mission and you need to embrace it: your mission is to help your readers with your knowledge. Embrace that and it’ll help you write passionately on the subject matter that you specialize in.

This sets the difference between a mediocre blogger and a successful one; the former posts just to kill time while the latter does it to connect, share, help and contribute to their audience.

So, cultivate the right mindset; only then will you see positive results. Then nothing will stop you and you’ll be determined not just to share but to receive what you deserve in exchange.

The monetization mindset is being aware that through blogging, you have the chance to make an exchange. So, don’t refuse to receive what you deserve in exchange for your expertise.

With the right mindset, you’ll be unstoppable! It will allow you to stay on the right track and meet your goals. Remember that trust and reputation are essential to monetizing your blog. So, don’t let opportunities to build trust and reputation slip you by. Become an authority in your niche market and that will earn you their trust and a good reputation.

Remember that writing an eBook is the best way to establish yourself as an authority figure within your niche market. Our minds are trained to associate books with knowledge. So, if you manage to publish on platforms that your ideal readers have access to, like Amazon, your reputation as an authority figure will gradually increase and you’ll earn your reader’s trust.


It’s a kind of membership, but it’s even more exclusive than a restricted area within your blog.

Memberships allow for the increase of monthly income by adding new members. In the case of mastermind, you don’t aim at monthly growth, but to maintain a select group of customers.

A mastermind is a group of people, no less than 3 and no more than 6, with complementary knowledge on certain topics.

You can monetize this way by selling sessions to old customers or readers on your list. You can have several Mastermind groups to increase your income, but the number of members in each group can’t exceed the number specified before.

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