How to Sell Products on Your Blog

How to Sell These Products

Selling the products on your blog is actually simple. First, you want to make a page for your product(s) on your blog. Then, you want to make a post that directs people to this product or service. Refrain from making then post too salesy. Instead, make it informative. Next, you want to talk about it on your social media platforms. Do not make it the highlight of what you talk about, but rather infuse it anywhere that it fits organically. As well, you can share it intentionally a few times per week. You can also pay for ad space to sell your products.

You do not want to bombard your audience with your sales. Otherwise, they are going to feel like you are not a blog but rather a salesperson. Instead, you want to talk about your products or services about 20% of the time and provide other content around 80% of the time. This will ensure that you are easily managing the balance and that you are not overwhelming your audience with salesy posts.

Remember, they came to you because you provide value. You cannot change that now and begin only providing value if they pay you. Continue being true to the blog you have always been, but add this additional element for those who want to receive more of what you offer. If you are genuine and loyal to your followers, the majority of them will be genuine and loyal back. This can result in massive profits over time. In fact, many bloggers make several six figures through their products and services that they offer alongside their blog.

how to sell products with How to Sell Products on Your BlogHow You Get Paid

Receiving payment from your blog through your products or services will typically depend on what platform you are using. Generally speaking, you will get paid anytime someone purchases your product or service. How that payment is issued to you, however, will depend. If your platform is connected to a specific platform, like PayPal, your payments will all automatically come in through PayPal. However, if it is not, the platform itself may “hold” your funds until you choose to withdraw them into your bank account, or elsewhere.

You can learn more about how you will get paid by reading the policies and guidelines on your platform, or on the platform, you use to host your sales. Some people prefer to host sales through Etsy or Shopify while hosting their blogs on something like WordPress or Squarespace. If you choose to do this, you will need to read the guidelines for receiving payments through your e-commerce host to make sure that you are clear on how to receive these payments.

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