How to Start a Blog: The Free Beginner’s Guide

Desired Qualities

Now that you know what blogging is, why people blog, and the types of blogs available, you are likely asking yourself, “Do I really have what it takes to be a good blogger? What are the qualities of a successful blogger?” The qualities described below are assets that all successful bloggers have in common.


To be successful in the blogging sector, you must be passionate about what you do. Whether you use blogging as a means to express your creative side or as a means to disseminate information, you need to love and be passionate about doing it if you want to be successful. It is this love and passion that will give you the drive to continue blogging, especially when you are just starting and there aren’t many people visiting your blog. If you keep blogging and working at it, however, you will soon be able to generate a lot of traffic because your readers will identify with whatever you are blogging about. They may also be motivated to share your posts by empathizing with the passion you have for the topic.


It is possible for you to be passionate about your blog and the topic that you write about but still not be dedicated to the actual writing. If you are serious about blogging, you have to show commitment and produce content on a regular basis. Even if you are able to write the most moving post, if your subscribers see that you are not posting regularly, they will stop regularly visiting until they eventually stop visiting altogether. A successful blogger has to be dedicated to the task at hand in addition to also being creative. Coming up with new content on a regular basis is not an easy task, but it can be done. It simply requires a lot of dedication and hard work.

how to start a blog the free beginners guide How to Start a Blog: The Free Beginners GuideKnowledge about your topics of interest and desire to learn more

In order to write engaging posts that are both informative and fun to read, a blogger must have extensive knowledge or experience in the specific topic at hand. No one will subscribe to a blog that they know is providing erroneous or deficient information. Therefore, a blogger should ensure that he or she is well-informed about the topic that they are writing about.

A good blogger must also be willing to learn new information about the topic they write about. No one knows everything about any particular subject, and at some point in time, a blogger is going to have to do new research so that he or she can create new content that subscribers will love.

Ability to write quality content

Even if you are the most passionate and prolific writer of all time, all of your efforts will likely go to waste if you are unable to bring the content across in an informative and engaging way that is also different and stands out from the crowd. This is the type of content that people are always willing to share, bookmark, tweet, mark as a favorite or follow, and it is bound to build you a large following in the process.

This does not mean that your content should always be light or fun. First of all, you should take care of such things as:

  • Your content should contain the information your reader is looking for.
  • Your content should be clear and consistent. If you have a lot of content, structure it, otherwise, the reader will lose interest in your blog if they cannot understand it.
  • Whatever type of content you use – text, video or photo – it should be designed carefully and without factual errors.

Good marketing skills

A successful blogger knows how to promote their blog without coming across as annoying. There is a delicate balance between effective marketing increasing traffic to your blog, and annoying marketing that spams people’s emails. Constantly asking people to read and share new posts will only put people off, and you will end up getting less traffic to your blog. A more effective way of marketing includes asking close friends to share your posts so that they gain a wider audience, or by writing guest posts for other bloggers with links to your own blog.

Thick skinned

To succeed in the world of blogging, one must learn to be resilient to criticism. There will be many instances in which people will disagree with what you write, and some will voice their opinions in the harshest and cruelest way possible. As such, you need to learn to accept opposing views, and if you need to respond, you should do so respectfully. This will show your level of professionalism, and it will gain the admiration of many of your subscribers who will respect you for your composed and mature response.


Helping fellow bloggers and subscribers in the blogosphere where possible will, in turn, help you succeed in the blogging world. If you would like other individuals to share your posts, start sharing other people’s posts. It is a subtle way of asking people to promote your posts as well. You should also try to help your subscribers. Respond to comments made on your blog as much as possible, and answer questions when you can. This is a great way of making your blog more interactive for everyone. Subscribers are more likely to share your posts with their friends and family when they feel that they are important to you and your blog. Make your subscribers feel needed by responding to their posts regularly and respectfully.

SEO Knowledge

Promotion is not so much a difficult activity as a time-consuming one.

If you want to be an effective blogger, you need to learn some SEO as this is what will promote your website on search engines. Even if you are not promoting your blog yourself and have found a specialist for this, basic SEO knowledge will be useful to you to set a clear task for the performer and then adequately evaluate its implementation.

I recommend you take free SEO seminars or watch YouTube lessons. Over time, you will be able to decide whether you should deal with SEO issues or not. Ultimately, it will be significantly easier to attain your blogging goals when you have more people visiting your blog after searching for a certain keyword.

Organization and time management

Blogging requires time and effort, and you need the discipline to research your topic, write high-quality posts, promote your content, and even engage your audience. All of these require time and effort, making it critical for you to plan your time wisely.

Start managing the process at the very beginning while your blog has not yet grown. Make a to-do list, ranked by priorities. Be sure to determine the frequency of each task. This will greatly facilitate your work and will help prevent you from burning out. For example, I recommend making the process of writing articles a mandatory daily task. Even if you post 2-3 posts per week, you will have enough material for the blog to work without interruption. This will give you time for maneuvers, as well as for rest and unplanned situations.

So equipped with this knowledge about the qualities of a good blogger, you should be ready to start a blog. To get started, you need to know the ingredients of a blog, which we will explore first before we delve into the more complex elements of setting it up.

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