Placing your own Ads selling your Products-services

Placing your own Ads selling your Products-services

Oh, this is beautiful, and it is my favorite. This is where you reap the fruits of your efforts. Imagine having a blog with a monthly traffic of 2 million readers and going ahead to run a business that will directly benefit your audience! It sounds fun. So sometimes it will become necessary to pay for ads to sell the product or service you offer. Personally, why I choose to endorse this mode of advertising more, is because of the rule of reciprocity. Today if my favorite blogger decides to sell some jewelry or perfumes, I would definitely want to promote them. Even if as a way to say thank you for keeping me on my toes for their next publication.

Loyal readers are more likely to promote your business if they see it outside your blog. This can be either as a legitimate business person, product inventor, or being advertised as an expert. If they see paid promotions from other influencers or ads on Google, then it established your validity a more than a blogger. This will make them feel more at ease in promoting you and they will share your content or product/service. You may be out 200 dollars in paid ads, but you may get 500 dollars in sales and free advertising through shares and shout outs, because of the perception of being legit.

Now what can you sell? I mean the possibilities are limitless, but make sure whatever it is it relates to your niche and blog in a natural and fluid way. If there is not an existing product you can sell, then create your own. The most obvious is putting a very detailed and expanded niche advice or information into an eBook. You are already a writer, so why not write manual or informative book, beyond your blog? Being a published author carries a huge amount of weight, especially if your niche and blog are mainly information that would not easily tie to any other physical product.

Your business does not have to involve anything else other than writing or it can be an actual product, service, or gadget. Just find something valuable to sell. You will do well, especially if you have created an audience for yourself already. It is only fair you do yourself some a favor and take advantage of the ready market. Why create influence to help every other person sale their products yet deny yourself the benefits?

Don’t be worried about how to get your product out there. In the case of a book you can self-publish through Amazon Kindle or Audible, as well as many other sites. Then you market it to your built-in audience and possibly others. Remember we are going for 500 hundred people giving you 20 bucks a month to reach 10k a month. This is just another way to hit that average. So, no book deal is required. Though that is a possibility, you can write a chapter or two and send (along with complete information on your brand, blog and reach) to an existing publisher. They may have the systems in place for marketing beyond your means, and they may offer you money upfront and a cut of sales to put it out or buy it outright. The possibilities are endless, just make sure you crunch the numbers and do what is most profitable.

2 Placing your own Ads selling your Products servicesIn the case of a product or gadget, there are many companies (just Google ghost or 2nd party manufacturing) that will work with you on developing things like skin care, cosmetics, supplements and gadgets to your specifications and produce them under your brand. Just make sure once you know what you want you put together the blueprint or formula and get a patent, so the idea is yours. There are many websites like LegalZoom that can help you file for a government patent if it is needed. There are fees involved, but to start your own business, it is worth it. The same is true of a service. Put together a game plan and perhaps offer it free or discounted to a few people to get good reviews. Then market it to your audience.

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