Publishing Sponsored Reviews and Paid Posts

Publishing Sponsored Reviews and Paid Posts

An advertiser may choose to write a very good review on his product or service then approach you to publish it on your blog. Or, they may even pay you as a blogger to write and publish a review on the product on your blog. This is direct advertising and it pays well since there are no intermediaries. However, this is an ethically gray area as you do not want to endorse a product or write essentially an unfounded review on a product or service, you have not used. Proceed with caution and make sure you give the product or service a whirl and be honest in your endorsement.

Advertisers can shy away from doing a direct review of his product and prefer some mentions and endorsement on a post. The post might be talking about touring Mt. Kenya while the blogger chooses to focus also on the accommodation he had at the client’s hotel. The blogger ends up selling both Mt. Kenya as a tourist site and the client’s hotel as the best choice while at it. Just make sure you have actually stayed at the hotel.

1 Publishing Sponsored Reviews and Paid PostsGuest Posts

Guest posts are the shortest route for a blogger to make their brand or blog known to other readers in another influential blog. For beginners and newbies, guest posts will skyrocket you to greatness. Here you tell people, “hey, I have not been around for long, actually I just started blogging, yet I am so resourceful you should check me out”. If the guest post is likeable and informative to them, then you will easily win yourself followers. In some cases, you will pay the bigger blogger for the chance to guest write for them and in turn once established smaller bloggers and influencers will pay you to do the same.

Guest posts benefit your blog in three ways:

  1. You earn from someone by simply taking the time and writing for your blog.
  1. You earn time off your weekly schedules because your loyal readers will find something to read that is informative, while you took some time to rest from your schedule or get ahead on your posts for later.
  2. You prove to your readers that you are influential enough to attract guests to your blog. This helps seal your value and makes you a leader in your niche.

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