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Search Engine Optimization

We’ve mentioned search engines optimization quite a bit, especially in regards to keyword research, and it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to play nice with Google. Ultimately, it is my advice to pay an SEO expert to give your site an once-over and give you a plan of action to improve SEO after you have some content available already.

search engine optimization seo Search Engine Optimization SEOThere are a number of things that Google looks for when trying to rank your website within the search results:

  • Create content. Having content is key to Google actually indexing your website. Not only do you need content on your site, but you need this to be original content that is not duplicated from other parts of the internet. The more content, the more Google can index, and the more this is original, the less you’re penalized for potential plagiarism.
  • Google looks for keywords and key phrases for obvious reasons, but how you handle these can matter a lot more than you might think. It is important that you’re not overusing keywords in an unnatural way. Use a keyword no more than once per 100-300 words, especially if it’s unnatural for it to be used so much in the content.
  • Images and videos. With Google, images and video will work with their image/video searches if you’ve utilized them well. This can create an added method of people finding your site, and that also helps your site itself go higher in the page rankings for search results.
  • A backlink is any link to another website. The more reputable and higher in the page ranking for Google the sites that link your page, the better these help you reach higher into the page rankings as well. There is a lot of confusion about backlinks and people will very often have links blasted out to any websites possible. This process is sometimes detrimental to your website, as cheap services for this will often rely on old styles of SEO that no longer apply and end up putting your website links on sites that aren’t helping you at all. It is wise to only gain organic backlinks or at least work with a SEO professional.
  • Technical stuff matters. The great thing here is that Shopify has their technical aspects together. If your online store is not with Shopify, you will really need to hire a SEO specialist that knows about web design to help you determine if there are any poorly coded portions of your website that need to be updated to allow for the best overall experience for the user and search engine optimization.

There is a lot more to SEO than just understanding these terms and utilizing them, but the general thing to take from this section is that you need original, high-quality content that utilizes images, videos (if possible), and is highly compatible with various web browsers and operating systems. SEO is an organic way to drive traffic, but it is more of a long game than paid advertisements.

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