Top 10 Tips For Creating Blog Posts

Tips For Creating Posts

In the above text, you will definitely be able to master over your blog on WordPress and can establish it without any help from someone. There are complete tools in WordPress that can be used to set up a blog with creation of new content and posts. However, here are some tips that can make you an expert blogger and you can have more enriched experience of writing and publishing your thoughts online.

  • Take a look at the plugins which are popular in the bloggers. Research their efficacy and read the reviews of the bloggers on that plugin. It will keep you updated with the performance of your website as compared with others’.
  • Keep your blog updated on regular basis. It keeps your audience as regular visitors on the blog on one side, on the other, Google crawls it on regular intervals which increases the worth of your blog in search engines.
  • Learn to write faster blog posts so that within minimum time, you can write more. There are some plugins to serve this purpose. You can upload them to improve the writing speed.
  • Multi-author blogs are more influential. It creates better impression and diversity of thoughts on blog instead of having monotonous tone of words by one author.
  • Answer the comments of those who visited your blog post and left their opinion on the topic you discussed in the post. Individually addressing those visitors will bring good will to you.
  • Know your audience; their demand, expectations, possible responses or reactions to a particular thought you expressed in your post. Other features you should consider while posting are age, education, culture, mindsets, occupation, gender, income bracket, geographic zone, hobbies, and interests. It will help you write better and be understood in a better way.
  • Bring something unique and surprising in your blog posts. No idea or thought is absolutely unique. It is your words that will make it unique and impressive. Show your personality out of your words and make others feel the warmth and efficacy of your ideas. Words are the window towards your soul. Make this window attractive and opening new horizons of ideas and debates.
  • Keep the blog content unique. Never copy and paste the idea or words of someone else. It will damage the strength of your thought in the eyes of visitors on one hand and will decrease the rank and value of your blog in search engines on the other.
  • Make your share buttons smooth and active and share it on all Social Media icons regularly. It will make your blog an interactive community sharing thoughts with the like-minded people around the globe. Sharing buttons should be easy and in the right place to be shared by the readers using maximum icons including FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, G+, and others.
  • Adopt an effective and multi-faceted approach to promote your blog. Promotion of the blog is equally necessary as the writing posts on regular basis is important. It is not an overnight process. It will take some time to be visible and popular but after getting popular, it will bring the fruits.
  • Make sure everything you post on your blog is true, not misleading or hurting anyone’s thoughts, culture, and creed. You will be responsible for every word and image you post on it.
  • Make your blog attractive to look at. Its theme, colors, and face should be appealing to please the visitors. A beautiful but professional theme enhances the readership of your blog. Research the topic you are writing on. Proofread it before publishing.
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