Which are the Most Popular Topics for Blogs?

Picking Your Topic

Before you begin writing a blog, it is important that you choose your topic. You may or may not already have a topic in mind. If you do, I strongly encourage you to continue reading this chapter anyway. Reading this chapter will help you look deeper into the basis of your topic, determine whether or not it is actually profitable, and help you refine your topic so that you pick one that will take you to the top.

When you are choosing a blog topic to generate a six-figure income, you need to consider both your interests and the profitability of the topic. You are not simply writing for pleasure, but rather you are looking to turn your blog into a business. For that reason, you need to look at it from a business perspective.

which are the most popular topics of blogs Which are the Most Popular Topics for Blogs?Brainstorm Topics You Enjoy

Before you begin looking into the profitability of topics, begin by brainstorming what types of things you enjoy talking about. Consider topics, but also consider niches. In general, most blogs perform best if you speak to a specific niche within an industry. So, try and consider what specific types of topics you like talking about, and which audiences you would enjoy interacting with the most.

It is important that you choose a topic that you genuinely enjoy. The idea of creating a blog that earns you six figures per year is typically built on the desire to have freedom. This should involve you considering both financial freedom, and time freedom. If you constantly feel annoyed or stressed about what you need to do for your blog, you are not going to experience time freedom. Furthermore, this will eventually lead to you not fully investing yourself in the business, and therefore you will not experience financial freedom, either.

Choosing a topic that you enjoy will assist you in feeling more confident in and excited by doing work for your blog. You will genuinely have fun when you get to research topics, write new content, and share it with your audience. This excitement will pour through in your writing and sharing, too. When people are passionate about what they write about, their audience can tell. This is usually what draws their audience in.

To make this step easy, start with at least three to five different topics that you would enjoy writing in most. That way, at least one of them should be a topic that you can easily profit from. If there is only one topic you really want to talk about, consider different angles or perspectives that you could approach it from to see if you can find unique niches around the topic. That way you can explore profitability and choose the option that is going to be the most fun to write and share about.

Research These Topics

Once you have chosen which topics would excite you the most, you want to start to research these topics. How many blogs already exist in this niche? Are there any that are performing particularly well? What can you tell about these blogs? You want to collect as much information as you can about the topic itself. Notice how many blogs are already successful, and whether or not they are making a profit. Also, notice what angle they are taking on, and how popular the topic actually is.

The following three points in this chapter will point out the three things you need to consider most when you are researching a topic. By the time you research all three of these aspects, you should be left with one or two topics that are clearly superior to the others in regards to being worth the investment. If there is more than one, you get to decide which you would prefer to write in. Otherwise, stick to the one that is most likely to make you more money as this will be the best business decision.

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